About REAL

REAL Youth to Youth is a youth led volunteer organization dedicated to providing a well rounded education, confidence  and career opportunities to students in rural India. Many children in India that live in rural areas don’t have access to learning resources and newer technologies. By equipping students with the tools to gain basic reading, writing, technological and mathematical skill, they can overcome the poverty and lack of resources that keep them from taking hold of their futures.

About 40% of the world’s illiterate population lives in India.  For many families, finding wage earning jobs for children takes priority over education. Lack of required resources such as computers, teachers  and funding are some of the many factors leading to India’s high illiteracy rates.

Our team consists mainly of high schoolers from the Portland area, as well as their adult mentors. Members help set up fundraising activities, promote  awareness and gather donations from local organizations. The idea of Oregon’s youth supporting youth across the seas is fundamental to REAL’s mission: To support the education and literacy of underprivileged youth in rural India and to support STEM education efforts in Oregon.

One program that REAL supports is the Phalgar Discovery Program. The program is located just north of Mumbai, and serves the migrant Adivasi Tribe, members of the Thane district of Maharashtra. The program reaches out to over 1,000 students ranging from eighth to tenth grade, by providing children with a Mobile Science program. This program allows children to access special resources such as books and laptops to enrich learning.

REAL’s overall goal is to empower children of all ages from underprivileged families, encouraging them to seek an education, and providing them with the tools to do so. To learn more about and support our mission, please drop by our booth at India Day in Pioneer Square!