About Us

Though India is now considered a rapidly developing nation, the country remains far from reaching a state of complete literacy. Even today, about forty percent of India cannot read or write, and it is increasingly difficult for impoverished children in rural areas in India to receive schooling, because of cost and their duties at home.

To address these concerns, the organization Rural Education And Literacy (REAL): Youth To Youth was formed in 2001, and has since then been devoted to providing aid to rural communities and schools around India. Our mission is “To support the education and literacy of underprivileged youth in rural India and to support STEM education efforts in Oregon.”

Since our formation, REAL has provided over $169,000 in the form of grants and supplies to various rural schools and communities. The projects we fund mainly involve the promotion of reading, writing and enhanced basic education, which include providing a variety of educational materials, such as books, newspapers, magazines, science equipment, maps, and even some of the most fundamental supplies like paper and writing implements.

The REAL youth board consists primarily of high school students from the Greater Portland area, and adult mentors. To support our projects, REAL volunteers organize fundraisers, create community awareness about the need for world literacy, and direct donations to programs that assist in promoting rural education and literacy- sending help right from the youth in America to the youth in India. We always welcome donations, as well as volunteers, or any other help from the community. REAL is a non-profit organization, and one hundred percent of donations go to aid children in India. Even the smallest donations can make a difference in a child’s life.