Savi’s Read-a-thon

Optional – Log books that you read here

What: Savi’s Read-a-thon; a fundraiser to help underprivileged kids in rural India.

Who can participate: Everybody who loves to read!

How: Put $2.00 aside for each book you read or have someone sponsor you for every book you read.

When: Starting March 6th, 2023 to May 1st, 2023

Why: Fundraiser to donate to schools through REAL: Youth to Youth and Support Savi’s Service Project for Girl Scout Bronze Award

How to Donate:

With a credit card – please donate through Our Paypal Giving Fund – click here – there are no transaction fees for using a credit card.

Venmo – send to @REALY2Y (there is a nominal transaction fee).

Thank you for participating in the Read-a-thon! All Proceeds go to supporting REAL: Youth To Youth’s mission to help underprivileged rural youth with education.

Fundraiser goal – $250

Please e-mail for questions or more information or call 503.406.8836