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Mmm, the delicious sights and smells of Indian food…….what’s not to love?! Never been to India? Well, you can experience this beautiful cuisine without ever leaving Portland. Through a series of cooking classes you can travel across different regions of India.

Cooking Classes cost $25

Cooking class plus Spice Sampler cost $30

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Four fantastic classes to choose from, taught by gourmet cooks who learned how to cook in traditional home kitchens in India. Each class will explore the bounty of Indian spices and experience the diverse flavors and techniques of Indian cooking that have been passed down through generations. In two hours, the class will prepare traditional dishes and enjoy the meal after it is cooked. Recipes will be provided with time saving tips and healthy substitutions. Class size limited to 7 students.

Spice Box

Perfect gift for someone special!  

Class cost is $25 and Spice Sampler is $5.   Once you pay, we will send you a confirmation, a class gift certificate, location details and deliver any ordered spice sampler.  The spice sampler is only available for purchase in Portland, Oregon.

Reach us at or by phone at 503.406.8836


Chaat with Chutney


Class 1A and Class 1B:  Appetizers   Samosa ~ Chaat ~ Chutney

Learn how to make the ever popular Samosa, a triangular shaped pocket with a delicious potato stuffing. Samosas are loved and eaten by people everywhere.

Also learn how to make Chaat which is loved by all Indians. Chaat Pappdi, Bhel Puri and Pani Puri are eaten with scrumptious chutneys.  These appetizers are bound to be a hit at your next party!

Class 1B repeats on  Saturday: January 24th, 2015, 10 AM -12 noon in Beaverton, instructors Geeta and Rupy


Rice Pullao

Chicken Tikka

Class 2: From South Eastern India

Chicken Tikka ~Alloo Tikka ~Rice Pullao

Learn how to make mouth-watering chicken tikka, a favorite dish made from grilled or fried chicken in a rich creamy spiced yogurt/tomato sauce simmered with an amazing variety of spices. What’s behind this simple dish’s tremendous popularity?  It is the tomato curry sauce that has universal appeal.

In this class you will also learn how to make alloo tikka (a curried potato dish) and rice pullao which rounds out the menu perfectly.


This was a wonderful class!!




Class 3:  South Indian Favorites

Dosa ~ Idili Sambhar Coconut Chutney

From the sunny South India, learn how to make Dosa and Idili which are accompanied by Sambhar and Coconut Chutney.

Dosas are crispy savory thin crepes and idilis are steamed. These two items are a staple in South India and are served with Sambhar, which is a hearty stew made from toor dal, vegetables and just the right blend of spices.  The mouth watering coconut chutney is the perfect accompaniment to many dishes.

Class 3: January 17th 10 AM – 12 noon (Beaverton), instructors Jyothi and Veena A.


Rotli with Ghee
Puffing Rotli

Class 4: Flat breads of Gujarat   Rotli ~ Cudhi ~ Shak

You too can learn the secret of making Rotli, a paper thin tortilla that is rolled into perfect circles and puffed over an open flame.   This bread is a daily staple in Gujarat and pairs with just about everything.  Vary the flour and you can make a gluten free flat bread, add vegetables to make debhra.

Also learn how to make the traditional Gujarati Cudhi which is made from yogurt and garbanzo flour. Finish off the Gujarati menu with a cauliflower and peas shak.  In this class you will learn fundamental techniques that you can use with your favorite ingredients.

Class 4:  January 17th, 2 pm – 4 pm Lake Oswego, instructors Amita and Hemakshi.


Class cost is $25 and Spice Sampler is $5.    The spice sampler is only available for purchase in Portland, Oregon.

Reach us at or by phone at 503.406.8836

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