The Yadala Seshagiri Memorial School is a new program that REAL has started supporting in 2019. It is a non-government school located in Vallur village in the Kadapa district, which is about 425 km south of Hyderabad. Satyanarayana Rao uncle decided to found the Yadala Seshagiri school so that the kids in rural villages in the Kadapa districts only have to travel 1 to 4 km every day to get to school. Since the Yadala Seshagiri school is a lot closer to the students than previous schools, they are more motivated to go to school and receive an education.

There is a total number of 2,884,524 people in the Kadapa district, and about half of the population lives in rural areas. The average literacy rate in the district is 67.88%, but a lot of the kids in rural areas had to travel very far to go to the nearest school.

The Yadala Seshagiri school is made up of students in preschool all the way up to 7th graders, has 155 students that come from 15 villages, and there are 15 staff members. About 95 of the students come from other villages and the rest come from Vallur. As part of the curriculum, the school also focuses on making sure their students get physical exercise. The students do various different stretches, and they also take time to meditate.

The fee to maintain school per month is 1.5 lakhs or about $2000. The minimum fee from students is 250 rupees but it isn’t required so only the families that are able to pay can do it. Right now the school is only able to pay 50,000 rupees with students’ fees, the rest is paid by the founder.

Some quick facts about the school are below

  • Location
  • Student & Teacher Information
    • 155 students from pre-school to 7th grade
    • Students come from 11 different villages around the school:
      • 1. Gangayapalle: 2 km, 7 students
      • 2. Ganesh Puram: 1 km, 12 students
      • 3. Goturu: 2.5 km, 16 students
      • 4. Kothapalle: 4 km, 9 students
      • 5. Kumarunipalle: 2.5 km, 6 students
      • 6. Koppolu: 3 km, 12 students
      • 7. Obanapalle: 2 km, 6 students
      • 8. Puttachinnayapalle: 3 km, 8 students
      • 9. Iskapalle: 4 km, 9 students
      • 10. Lingayapalle: 5 km, 5 students
      • 11. Pullareddy Peta: 4 km, 5 students
    • 15 staff members
    • There is an auto and minivan to get students to and from the school
      • The van and auto take a circular route, village after village, with 4 trips in the morning and 4 trips in the evening
  • Mission
    • The purpose of this organization is to provide kids from rural village areas in the Kadapa district with the opportunity to learn at the Yadala Seshagiri school near them.
    • The school is made up of pre-schoolers to 7th graders, has 155 students from 11 villages, 15 staff members, and gives kids a  free ride to school.

Future Plans

  • Fund a protective boundary around the school so animals can not get inside the school grounds
  • Provide Training for the teachers
  • Hire more staff members
  • Provide more transportation to get kids to the school


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