REAL provided a $700 grant to Narivrund, an organization that promotes Rural Women’s Education and Welfare. Formed in 1989, the organization’s objective is social upliftment of women. Navirund is a non-governmental organization that focuses on social welfare; through the active participation of mostly, but not exclusively, women. Members of Navirund work to achieve this goal through awareness and training programs.

Highlights of Narivrund’s activities in 32 villages in Gujarat, and in some of the slums in Ahmedabad:

  • Workshops: conducted by volunteers in maternal, child healthcare (nutrition, hygiene, effective interventions to prevent communicable diseases, etc.)
  • Creating Awareness of a women’s/girl’s human and legal rights.
  • Lower income groups encouraged in self employment. Training seminars conducted in creating a sweets, stitching/cutting, handicrafts, small appliance repair, beautification business, etc., often low cost machines are given to the poor for earning an income.
  • Running a childcare center, to enable low income mothers to earn an income.
  • Organizing free distribution of medical care, medicines, and nutritious foods to lower income groups.
  • Other miscellaneous activities: Organizing free medical testing camps, blood collection camps, elder care taking workshop, garba, play, essay, painting competitions, tree planting programs.

This organization was founded by Mrs. Pratimaben Pandya and her sister Mrs. Meena Pandya. The sisters are dedicated to Narivrund’s mission, and their energy and involvement with the target population impressive. Both women are educated, open minded, and use creative problem solving techniques. They effectively communicate with a wide range of socioeconomic groups, and are able to identify and facilitate the resolution of complex issues. With minimal resources, Narivrund is able to have maximum impact in the area of women’s education and welfare.

Narivrund’s activities are funded by private and governmental grants and through private donations. Navirund seeks funding for workshop expenses. The organizations’ wish list includes funds to provide classes/training in sewing and computer skills that could lead to sufficient family supporting wages.

Please join other donors and help REAL support this exemplary organization.