REAL would like to give special THANKS to:

Our partners in India who take REAL’s mission to the finish line.

Our donors and supportors for joining hands with us to make a difference.

The following individuals for sharing their talents with REAL:

  • Easwaran Vaidyanathan for volunteering his time to instruct our yoga classes,
  • Ashwin Patti for teaching us about web development, 
  • Shirsh Gupta for helping us write our bylaws,
  • Sunil Garg for setting up our free DreamHost account,
  • Prashanti Yeredla for website assistance,
  • Keaton Weil for coming up with the idea for the creative lettering of our name,
  • and to all youth and adult volunteers who tirelessly help with events and projects.

Youth Board Alumni
Anay Shah
Ankur Gupta
Bharath Kumandan
Ruchi Rikhi
Seema Auluck
Shilpa Joshi
Jacquie Smyth
Priya Bhatt
Sheng Ng
Sunil Garg
Shailini Pandya
Vishu Anekonda
Rishi Rikhi
Rohisha Adke ’11
Karuna Tirumala ’11
Sanika Gupte ’11
Arushi Raghuvanshi ’11
Lavanya Sridharan ’12
Meghana Kalavar ’12
Meghna Agarwal ’12
Kimaya Gupte ’13

Past Youth Board Members and Governing Board Members
Anju Auluck
Damodar Kumandan
Shila Bhatt
Shubha Joshi
Pareen Patel
Shailu Pasumamula
Nina Arora
Anu Tirumala
Anita Rao
Meghna Rao
Ani Pogula
Chhavi Agarwal
Mitu Aggarwal
Anisha Aggarwal
Diana Delgado

Education for ALL